Sunday, August 21, 2011

Girls and their mixed messages.

Okay, I know some people are going to flame at me for not being able to correctly read these subliminal messages, or very obvious messages in some cases. I seriously want to kill myself right now, not like literally, but I feel like my heart is just going to implode any moment.
The girl that I've gone on 2-3 play dates with has been chatting with me for a while today, and then out of nowhere she tells me how horny she is. She starts talking about sex a lot and how she wished I was with her right now. I wasn't very uncomfortable about it, but is she just teasing me?
She told me so many times, and then I told her if I had a car right now, I would drive right over since its 1a.m.
I wish she and I were both born 2 years earlier and met the same exact way til this day.


  1. I think that given the sheer amounts of mixed messages a girl might give, this is one that isn't mixed. It's pretty clear what she wants, and if you aren't uncomfortable or anything, you should probably consider going for it.

  2. first of all, play dates? WTF?
    second, grab a fucking cab you cheap bastard.