Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Since I live in NYC, Hurricane Irene is the biggest shit I've ever come across so far.
Starting since yesterday, I've been preparing for this hurricane. The news said it was going to be a category 3 storm, which isn't terrible, but its not great either. A couple of trees are probably going to fall down, possible power outage, and at worst, flooding.

Today, the news have been reporting that Hurricane Irene isn't going to be as big as they thought it was. We're not going to be hit that badly. In fact, it is now a category 1 storm and only large amounts of rainfall and high speed winds is all that is left of Hurricane Irene.

Anyone else live on the East Coast? Got any plans in case this hurricane really does fuck some shit up?

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  1. I'm well, well, away from the East Coast, but I've been keeping up a little with someone who is there. Stay safe.