Friday, July 8, 2011

One Day in My Life

Four days of basketball practice so far. Absolute hell.
On the bright side...
I went on "date" with this cute girl today, we went to Times Square, Bryant Park, and Rockefeller Center.
We also went to Kinokuniya Bookstore, it's a nice Japanese bookstore with a Cafe on the second floor. I bought curry bread and plum onigiri. The curry bread tasted pretty bad, the onigiri was good though.
I used to think I watched a lot of anime, when I went to the mange/anime section of this store, I knew I was completely wrong. I guess I'm glad I stopped cause there is really no end to the amount of manga/anime a person can read/watch.
I really wanted to ask this girl to be my girlfriend, I've liked her for quite a while now.
In fact, I have so much fun when I'm around her I end up forgetting.
Today wasn't the case though, we ended up talking about her personal life. I really wanted to ask her but I felt that the situation wasn't right. Perhaps next time...
Just have to get the courage.


  1. Haha hope everything works out for you and that lucky girl! I love basketball too!

  2. She wants you man, don't delay it!

  3. Girls shouldnt be placed on pedastools man, you dont need to worry about courage, just do it!

  4. the beginning of a love story

  5. Good luck with the girl, just go for it :) +1 follower