Thursday, July 21, 2011

Push-ups and Yoga

How many push-ups can you do?
I can proudly say I did 67 non-stop.
Does anyone use the 100 Push-ups App on their iTouch? It's really useful to help build up arm strength.

Does anyone do yoga?
I know it sounds weird for a guy to do yoga, or so say my friends, but I find yoga a lot more challenging than what it originally seemed like.
I tried it out yesterday and I had quite a difficult time finishing the first 7 minutes of the instructional video. It really works out the muscles in your body that you don't use often.
Here's a link to anyone who is interesting in trying out yoga, its fun and don't be discourage by the fact that it looks weird.


  1. my girlfriend does yoga
    Whoa! i love how flexible she can be!

  2. I've been doing Yoga for about three years and while it is true there are not many of us men there is still a lot of fun to be had see hidden-dangers-of-yoga.

  3. People do say it's a lot harder than it looks, and I've seen some evidence of it, but not tried it myself. I'm also not sure how many pushups I can do, I don't exactly have enough room to find out. Or a comfortable enough room.

  4. I don't do push ups because I have access to weights. Push ups are usually done when lacking weights.

  5. pfft I can do like 10 at a time and in all 50 in a day, I suck at them

  6. I think I would like it, if I had the chance. I am so inflexible and graceless that any improvement would be welcome