Friday, July 15, 2011

Psychological Problems

My friend has this psychological problem and I've really been trying to help deal with it. However, I'm seriously stumped.Lets call my friend Andy.
Andy had two amazing friends, he was really happy since they were the best friends he could have. However, on his birthday, he ignored his friends and for two days afterwards, he ignored them as well. When he finally met up with them, his friends asked what happened and he said:
"F**k off"
The friendship broke and they completely ignored each other from then on.
In school, they completely ignore each other and are nearly on the point of hating each other.
My friend slowly developed a mental issue. He constantly thinks hes over weight, that he always hated his friends. He told me he wants friends, but he claims he knows he won't get any unless he becomes anorexic. Only then, would he get some friends who are only his friends out of sympathy. I've tried talking to him and told him it is his thoughts that are causing him to become worst. When he is home alone, he stuffs himself with lots of food (he's a pretty big eater), and then he goes to the bathroom and throws it all up, sometimes to the point where hes bleeding. His friends are rather forgiving people, is there anything I could say to them to my friend to help this case?

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. Really looking out for my friend here, wish there was something I could do to help.


  1. WTF, man get him help NOW. Or talk to his parents, i dont know how close you are, but the guy clearly needs help, he has an eating disorder plus psychological problems to go with it. Be a good friend and seek help for him.

  2. Yeah he needs help... Followed!

  3. what she said. you better believe it

  4. I know how it feels to want to help someone, especially if you also feel that you can't help him. There isn't a very good amount you can do I think other than to try to be his friend as best as you can, convince him that he doesn't need to be thin to have friends, and that you aren't his friend out of sympathy. These are going to be very tough times for him, you, and all friends involved. I wish you nothing but luck with this, him too.